Friday, October 25, 2013

Ode to my FitBit

My husband got me a FitBit for my birthday. This was actually an incredibly thoughtful gift because it was something that I wanted, but hadn't mentioned in almost 5 months. It's great, and I was really looking forward to using it to get back to some normal stuff after the baby arrives (and I finish recovering from that arrival & figure out how to deal with 2 under 2).

Oh, so, I wear it on my bra, so it's out of the way, and because I don't reliably have pockets, living in yoga pants most of the time. And that's a listed, recommended place for putting it. I'm not just a weirdo who keeps technology in my boobs. Anyway, it's important to note that when it's been still for a long time & you pick it up, it lights up with a little message to you. Something involving your name. I've never caught the beginning bit, because I'm not usually looking at it quickly enough to catch the first part. Bottom line, if you're still for a long time, say if you're sleeping, when you move, say to go to the bathroom for the millionth time, it will light up. If you're still mostly asleep, you may forget that you're wearing a FitBit and for a moment, dreamily think that you've turned into IronMan in your sleep. You might. I would never do such a thing of course. Except when I did

Right, so I like my little device. It's keen. You can understand why I'd be upset if it were missing. Well, on Thursday, it went missing. I noticed it was gone while I was sorting through tiny baby clothes & crib sheets, trying to make room for tiny-butt diapers along side the slightly-less-than-tiny-butt diapers that Eleanor now wears. I looked to see what time it was, as my phone was out of reach, and lo & behold! It was GONE. You'd think with it resting on a piece of intimate apparel I might notice when CHANGES happen in that area. You'd be wrong. Well drat. Thursday got off to a rough start when I broke a wine glass by dropping it out of the cabinet, bouncing it off the top-rack of the dishwasher & shattering it all over the kitchen floor. And now my tiny adorable pedometer was gone.


When I went to get Eleanor from Mother's Day Out (after searching all the nooks and crannies of my house. I didn't even find the tv remote or my camera, both of which are also missing in action), I FOUND IT! HOORAY! REJOICE! Oh, wait. I found it in the parking lot. Under a car. Looking like it had possibly been run over once or twice.

The FitBit is dead. Long live the FitBit.


Jessica said...

Aww, so sad. I want a FitBit too! I'm sorry yours didn't last very long.

Kera Linnea said...

I've been thinking about getting one of those, and the Ironman remark kinda sealed it for me. Now I really want one.

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