Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Twooo Months

The Vitals:
15 lb (I didn't believe it but I weighed him on two different scales)
23.5" ish. Hard to tell because he still doesn't stretch out much 

The weather was nice enough for us to take a couple of walks around the neighborhood which he slept right through
I left him at home! (With J) He took a bottle of pumped milk without any issues. Hooray.
He went to his first coffee house & his first concert... which was just Queen Anne's Lace singing at the coffee house, but I'm counting it. 

Holding his head up
Falling asleep just as his sister wakes up from her nap
Rolling from belly to back

Works in progress:
Laughing. He's so close to a real giggle.

He likes:
Being naked. He grins when you unsnap/unzip his sleepers
The swing & car rides. Motion of most any kind

He dislikes:
Um... not much, to be honest. He's a mellow little guy

I dislike:
Baby puke & cradle cap

I like:
The smiles! Totally the best part of my day.
Sleeping. He's slept for 6hr at a stretch a few times & getting more than 2 uninterrupted hours of sleep makes me feel like a whole new human.
Surprise cute outfits. Like this gown. The dinos on the hands were a total surprise and just made this my favorite gown yet.

He continues to grow & charm the socks off everyone. He hasn't peed on me in a while. We've fallen into a rhythm if not really a routine yet. Next week we go for his 2m well care exam, so I'm looking forward to hearing that he's practically perfect in every way.

It's impossible for me not to compare things though. There are many things about a squishy, immobile infant that are much easier than toddler wrangling. I set him down and he stays put. I don't have to discipline him or worry he's getting into trouble when I'm not looking. I don't have to plan his lunches or chase him down to get dressed or change his diaper or go to bed. 

On the other hand, there's a lot of freedom with Eleanor. I put her in her chair with her lunch & can go about my business without worrying about her choking. When it's time to get dressed, she can help--no forcing limp noodle arms & legs into her clothes. She can bring me things & tell me what she needs (mostly).

2 months


Saly said...

Maybe it's just that he's a chubby boy baby, but he really reminds me of baby (who is still a baby, just not a BABY baby) Gus. I can't wait to snuggle him!

Tara said...

Oh, baby boy. I love him.

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