Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I don't have anything cohesive or thematic to talk about today. Well, I do, but it hasn't percolated enough to be presentable, which, if you've read any of my other ramblings, you know means it's in such a state of disastrous disarray that only monkeys and idiot savants could decipher or appreciate it. Once it becomes something resembling normal human thought, I'll get it out here.

For now, I'm just going to ramble about the things running through my mind in a vaguely stream-of-consciousness sort of way. Be amused or not, at your own risk.

I've realized that I wear a lot more pink in the spring than I do during other seasons. This is partly because it is a springy-type color, but I mostly blame the fact that for 12 or so hours a day every Saturday and Sunday I'm wearing all of the most obnoxious pinks known to mankind in a semi-homogeneous mélange of ruffles and lace. You'd think I'd get sick of pink. I thought I would. In the beginning, I was very worried about wearing bright pinks. I thought that it would clash with my reddish hair, since I don't have Molly Ringwald red hair to be Pretty in Pink, but I guess there's enough blonde in my dirty copper that it works. So, all this pink on the weekends has led to an abundance of pink accessories--jewelry, hair shmutz and all that falderal. Somewhere along the way, I started buying real clothes to match the accessories, not just accessories to match the costume. I decided that I could wear pink in the real world and now it's everywhere. I'm not going out of my way to overload my closet with pink, but I seem to be gravitating towards it more frequently now that it's become part of my life with Queen Anne's Lace.

Today I'm wearing my gladiator sandals and it makes me feel like I could take on the world, or maybe a lion, or maybe just a house cat who has a lion-ish look about them. After all, I am not a really grrr type of girl. I'm frilly and prissy and break nails with alarming frequency. I can lift some heavy things and do manual labor when called upon, but physical strength has never been a defining characteristic. This is one of my giraffish traits. Awkward.

This is how I feel today.

So, Pandora introduced me to Beats Antique the other day and I bought one of their albums and have been listening to it while I do stuff around the house, which leads to a lot of random dancing and gyrating, which seems to keep the cats and dog well amused. They're kind of like a funkier version of Wine and Alchemy, whom I also enjoy and you should check out both of them if you like that kind of stuff... world-ish, belly-dance, fiddles and bouzoukis and drums and stuff...

Some people stare out car windows looking for good places to hide bodies. I try to see as far as I can into the distance and then build towns, worlds, soap operas and fantasy fictions out there... that is when I'm not re-writing the words to whatever song I'm listening to into a parody to fit my mood... that is if I'm not singing along to the song...that is if I'm not rambling inanely to the driver... because all of this is passenger-seat behavior you know.

That is all for today. Maybe by Thursday I'll have come up with a real post, but for now, this is how it's gonna be.


ThousandMiles said...

I adore Beats Antique. We were introduced to them in November at Pan.. Totally on the CD I was making for you *sigh*

I was going to be cool!!

LE Bean said...

Oh! Keep making the cd! I haven't heard ALL their stuff yet, and I imagine the cd will still be equally as cool as you are... which is a lot!

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