Monday, July 4, 2011

Found and Lost

So, with this whole Blathering thing going on, I've been reading more blogs than I ever have in my whole life! That's not an exaggeration. It's also not all that impressive seeing as how the blogs I've read in their entirety equal only 2 (unless you count my own, but I don't because I wrote it and so I don't really read it except in a "proof" sort of way) and the number of blogs that I casually peruse & see what's new on is still less than the number of years I am old, so to say there was an increase isn't as dramatic as I wanted it to be, but it is true nonetheless. (Side note: How is that all one word? None the less... did we just use the phrase so often that it became a compound word? Are there any other 3 or more word compound words out there that I don't know about?)
So, in my searching around for blogs of the people I might be meeting in October, I came across some cool stuff. I, foolishly, thought I would remember the name of these cool blogs, or at least be able to find them again the same way I found them the first time. I was wrong on both counts. It seem that much like the door to Narnia, some blogs cannot be found the same way twice (except of course in the beginning of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe where they get into Narnia the same way the first 3 times, but somehow that doesn't count). It seems that I played a very complicated game of blog leap frog, jumping to a new one via links people had put in blog posts, or on their side strip thingy of recommendations. Only one do I remember, and that's because it's hard to forget a fabulous blog name like "A little pregnant" because I was always taught that pregnancy was a binary state: you are or you aren't, with nothing in between. Real life is always messier than those science text books.

Anyway, in my internet wanderings I found some stuff that I wish I could find again. The first blog I remember almost NOTHING about other than the author posted pictures of her cute new haircut. It was perfect! I wanted it! That is actually kind of remarkable since I generally don't like short haircuts when the thought comes to applying it to my own head, but this woman seemed to have similar hair to mine (very fine, no curl, but possibly lots of it) and when she put a headband on it was just perfect. With it in front of her ears it looked sort of medium longish, and when she tucked it back it looked medium shortish and I thought that was just brilliant. As it turns out, none of that is enough to find her again using the google.

The other blog I found and wanted to get back to actually had a woman who had recently cut her long hair short again as well, which isn't the primary thing I remember about the blog, but I remember that part because it within was the discussion of the history of her hair that the author mentioned having her hair long to perform Hello Dolly! at the International Thespian Festival held at the University of Nebraska in 1998. Now, I was a member of the International Thespian Society. I worked on or performed in every single play my school put on, except ONE (Marvin's Room- the very first play my freshman year) and so I got a lot of Thespian Points which are good for pretty much nothing that I can recall. I went to one and only one Thespian Festival and it was at what would be come my alma mater, which is kinda weird. We drove in a big van from Grayslake, IL to Lincoln, NE. We stayed in the Cather/Pound dorms and walked everywhere. I remember not getting lost because the city was a giant grid and that was nice. I don't remember all the shows that I saw, but I saw 3 or 4 plays a day, and I do remember seeing Hello Dolly because I'd never seen that musical before. I think we saw it at the Lied Center. Anyway, I thought it very random that in my poking around the internet I would run across someone who had not only been at that same festival, which in and of itself couldn't be that weird, there were kids from all over the country there just like us, but in one of only two shows that I actually remember seeing. The other show was, I think, Their Eyes Were Watching God, but I honestly don't remember even that much, because my brain is full of very earnest teenagers (of which I was one at the time) wearing black turtlenecks and waving their hands in silent applause. Seriously.

So somewhere out in the Internet are those two blogs and I have not a single identifying characteristic with which to google them. Maybe someday I'll hop the right lily pad and end up on their page again... maybe.

EDIT: I found one! The Anvil Tree is mystery blog #2.... now if only I could find #1....

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