Friday, July 8, 2011

It's about my closet again

Alright, so I'm talking about my cloest again.

I tried to avoid it (for all of a day, but that's a long time in Bean-years), but I can't, or rather, don't want to. While I did think to myself, "my blog, my rules" and perhaps stuck my tongue out at potential naysayers, the truth is it's just what I've been up to, therefore I'm thinking about it.

There just isn't a lot going on in my life at the moment. QAL is on our holiday break, and while I miss everyone terribly, I'm going to be seeing them next week for a dinner thing anyway. I went to my parents place for the 4th (well, the 2nd really, but we were celebrating Independance Day since my hubby had to work on the actual holiday) and I floated around in the pool and drank Rahr beer, had dinner and had basically a perfect and relaxing day. I got sunburnt, because I usually don't have my leg parts in the sun (as they are underwater) but I spent the majority of my pool time on a floaty thingy that exposed said leg parts to the vicious sun, and thus I was a lovely shade of pink all down to my toes. Ah, thank goodness for Solarcain! I also did makeup for the first wedding that wasn't mine on Saturday. It was fun, the bride was happy and beautiful, so that went off without a hitch. I went on a dining adventure on Wednesday to a little hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant in Plano that is probably destined to remain a hole-in-the-wall. It advertised "5 star cuisine at 2 star prices" but I'd have to say it's pretty much 3 star all around. Not bad at all. In fact, I really enjoyed my meal, but not really anything to write home to Mom about, or you know... blog about. Work is work. Things are a-foot and there are some changes coming down the pipes but it's all boring internal process stuff and totally not blog worthy.

So you see, this closet stuff is really the most interesting thing on my plate! I don't care what that says about my life that my closet is the most interesting thing at the moment. My friend Bill wrote a novel! An entire novel! He's not even the first of my friends to do that, though he's the first one to let me read it and give feed back on it, and he's got a short story/novella thingy being published. I mean, I know interesting people, but at the core of it, I'm not the most fascinating individual. I'm good at small talk and make a fairly lively addition to most social functions, but I also spend lots of time thinking about the contents of my sock drawer. Did I mention that I have a ridiculous number of purple socks? I do.

Also, in making hard decisions on what clothes to keep, it's forced me to actually, you know... wear some of the stuff that I was determined to keep. I had to prove to myself that I would wear it and like it. This has made my wardrobe seem different without actually being any different. I'm forcing myself to wear some of the 90 shirts that I keep around instead of the same 10 or 12 that I keep washing and wearing because I remember them. Does anyone else have that closet amnesia thing? In sorting through sweaters, turtlenecks, t-shirts, dress shirts, semi-casual shirts, shirts that I could wear to work but probably won't, shirts for going out to dinner with friends and what-not, I had a lot of "OH YEAH!" moments. I don't have amnesia for pants, because honestly, after the Great Pantsless Scare of 2011 I know the exact location of all my pants at most times. And even though I only own 11 pairs of shoes, I usually only wear 2 of those at time--wait, I only wear one pair at a time, but there is usually a pair of pairs that are in heavy rotation: for example, at the moment, it's black & brown sandals, it being 100 degrees most days. Anyway, so with only 2 or so pairs in rotation* it is posible to forget about pairs of shoes too. I forgot that I have a pair of sparkly red tennis-style shoes, though I would never play tennis in them as they tend to cut into my heels a bit and I am also tragically uncoordinated in a sportsmanship type way. I also forgot that I had a pair of ridiculously high-heeled shoes with ankel straps that I wore for New Years Eve and then never again outside the house, so... there's that. Closet Amnesia. I think it's a real thing.

On Sunday, I'm having people over to peruse the stuff I removed from my closet and I will peruse the stuff they bring and it will be lovely, but really, I'm very proud of the progress I made. I took pictures. If I was smart, I would have taken "before" pictures, but I didn't, and although I did contemplate going back and staging some dramatic recreations of what things looked like before, I don't have quite that much time on my hands. Time enough to take pictures of the work I've done but not time enough to plan this sort of before and after post in advance when there would have been a more reasonable way of getting "before" pictures.

The grand total of "stuff" gotten rid of (which includes shoes and some accessories) totals 1.5 drawers:

half drawer not shown because it contains unmentionables... 2.5 shelves in the closet

and roughly 3.5' of hanging closet space.

The desire to fill all that space is... very strong. I have some small amount of willpower, however, because I went to Target with a gift card and didn't buy ANYTHING. That's kind of crazy for me since usually I can spend $50 at Target without breaking a sweat, but I resisted all the tops and shoes and pajamas and sheets and towels and stuff. It was difficult, but I preservered. Of course, it totally helped that I had already purchased shoes on the internet.

*"Rotation" is also a euphemism, in this case, for "on the floor of the bedroom/bathroom/living room/kitchen/wherever I took them off"

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