Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday already...

I warn you in advance the segues between thoughts in this post are fathomable to no one... not even me...

One of the things I love about my job is the flexibility. The other is the people, but the people don't really contribute to my lack of awareness of the days. Somehow, without a strict 8-5, Mon-Fri schedule, the days start to blur together. Add on top of that a holiday on Monday and my whole week is skewed. Yesterday, I couldn't figure out why my Monday comics hadn't updated even though on Monday I was very excited that they *had* updated, even though it was a holiday. It's a strange sort of sleep-amnesia where I forget everything after I wake up. Well, not everything. I still remember my name, who I am, who my friends & family are, that there are a bunch of bills to be paid and OH! I have lots of fun stuff on its way to me from the INTERNET! Like grey mary janes... I KNOW!

I love my dog. I do. He still drives me crazy when he chews my things... namely my shoes. The only pair of heels I own at the moment, and they were FABULOUS! Cute black leather mary jane type heels with great 2" heels that were somehow comfortable ALL DAY... he chewed the strap right off... So, out into the internet I went, off to shop for shoes. I was rather successful and bought 3 pairs, bringing the total number of shoes that I own up to 10. That seems reasonable. The only thing that's missing is a pair of brown flats, and I think I have a pair hiding under the bed somewhere... so, 11. 11 pairs of shoes is reasonable and suits all of my needs. On this day. That's more shoes than pants, which I think is an acceptable ratio.

"I love the fishes 'cause they're so delicious! Gone Goldfishin'!" This mid-post jingle brought to you by the Pretzel Goldfish I'm snacking on. You're welcome.

Last week, my prize from the internet was a new camera, since my old one died, and I have to say, although I haven't taken very many pictures with it yet, I'm super impressed with the shutter speed and its ability to get clear pictures from a moving vehicle. Don't worry, I wasn't driving at the time... In addition to its superb function, the camera itself is pink, so, you know... that makes me happy too. There was a brief time in college when I was more grrrl than girly, but that was a small blip in an otherwise uninterrupted sea of frills. Tough just isn't one of those things that I was cut out to be. I mean, when the time calls for it, I can get dirty and I break nails doing hard work (but I also break them doing minimal work, like unbuttoning my pants), but for the most part I do my work, then go get frilly. I don't wear makeup on a regular basis, but I love playing with it. I wear more pants than skirts, but I love the chance to wear heels and dresses. I don't know, I think my friend Andrew summed it up best when he said I was the most low-maintenance high-maintenance girl he knew... or maybe it was a high-maintenance low-maintenance girl... anyway, something like that. His explanation had something to do with drinking whiskey straight and sitting on concrete floors waiting for bands while coordinating my sneakers to my earrings... or something like that.

My husband and I suffer from Horizontal Surface disease. He suffers more from my condition than he realizes, but he's got a case of it too. Every horizontal surface in our house is at risk of becoming covered with clutter. It's not a particularly intentional thing, but stuff just seems to sort of end up there. I mean "stuff" in the most generic of terms because it's everything from mail to shoes to jewelry to USB drives to whatever happened to be in our hands at the moment when we decided that the nearest horizontal surface was the perfect place for whatever it was. This causes great consternation when I try to find things, because I know I've seen it about, but I can never quite remember which of the 14 possible locations it might be hiding in. Every few months or so I go on a rampage and clean off all those surfaces and I'm so pleasantly surprised at how wonderful my house looks when free of clutter. You'd think I'd keep it that way, but slowly the clutter creeps back in. It seems so innocuous at the time. "Oh I'll just set this here while I go get that other thing, then I'll put it away." Only, I never seem to get around to the putting away and nine times out of ten that other thing will wind up right next to it. It's an identifiable pattern and as yet I haven't found a way to break the cycle.

For now, I'll start my clearing off a 2" square of space next to my computer. That should be enough progress for one day!

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