Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How am I still talking?

I have no fun stories to tell you at the moment, no anecdotes worth sharing. The stories I do have to tell aren't appropriate dinner conversation, much less "tell the world wide web" conversations.

I'm tapped out.
dried up

And yet, I'm still typing, which is like talking, in more ways than two. My husband suggested an "Everything I need to know in life, I learned from our cats" post.

  • It's ok to sleep whenever and wherever I want

  • It's perfectly acceptable to whine to get my way

  • Just because it was wrong once doesn't mean I'll get in trouble for doing it again

  • It's a good thing I'm pretty...

Those don't seem like helpful life lessons to promote to the masses.

He also suggested I write an open letter to Banshee, our oldest, crankiest kitty. It didn't go so well, which somehow doesnt' stop me from sharing:

Dear Banshee,
I'm sorry your face is always stuck in a look of perpetual peevishness. I know that you are a genuinely sweet and loving kitty. Your purr can be heard 25 feet away, which seems pretty good evidence that you're not full of hate all the time. I'm proud of you for putting up with the kittens and consenting to share the bed with them. Also, just because you have grey strippes and so does the comforter... well, that doesn't exactly count as camoflage. Thank you for not scratching the dog's eyes out and I'm sorry I stepped on your tail the other day. It was dark. You're not exactly a high-visability kitty.

Much love, Me

See? It's just... this is what I've got at the moment. I think I used up all my good things to say talking to real people. Well, not that you aren't real people, but I meant people in my real life, not that this is my fake life, people in person. Actual talking, not typing. I used it all up. They weren't the best stories anyway. Some involved poop, and there is no infant in my life to make that an acceptable topic of conversation. I overshare sometimes, and I'm sparing you from that. This is my filter, people.

In case you were wondering, the sleepover with my niece went well*. There was Mexican food (not the planned Chinese take-out), and explanation of the function of a public notary, lots of giggling (hers), some nail painting (hers again, done by me) and some coloring (us). She went home happy. The rest of my thoughts are all wrapped up in the last Harry Potter movie and the books and stuff like that but until I can gather those into some sort of point, I'm going to let them just bounce around my head and be blurted out to random passers by.

One more service I offer, free of charge!

Hopefully something exciting will happen between now and next time so that I can once again wring from you tears of joy and laughter...or something like that...

*Have I said this before? I get the weirdest feeling of deja vu typing that...

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