Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If you've got nothing nice to say...

I've been operating under the old saying "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" lately.

All I've wanted to do is whine and complain about this cold. All my pictures of the day recently have been of my cats to avoid the temptation of photographing piles and piles of used tissues.

So, now that I have (hopefully) reached the tail-end of this particular snot-blossom* I'm going to try to think of something nice to say.

I got giraffe socks. Yeah, that's right! Socks with giraffes. From my husband. It was a "happy start of our anniversary week" present, which roughly translates into "I couldn't wait any longer to give these to you,  and so I made up an excuse." Usually we just call them "Tuesday presents" no matter the day they are given, but I think the upcoming anniversary is his convoluted excuse. Look, I got giraffe socks, so I'm totally not complaining!

Also, I lost 5lbs in three days. Yeah, the ever-popular "get a cold so nothing tastes good" diet has worked again. Like most crash diets however, it has no staying power. Its success lies in the inability to taste, smell, or appreciate food combined with the appetite suppresion of being ill. I long for the days when I can choose foods based not solely on their texture and sinus-clearing levels of spice, but on things like flavor and smell.

Despite being on my third box of tissues for this particular bout of illness, my nose remains remarkably unchapped. This, I feel, is something worth celebrating. Kleenex Ultra Soft and Puffs Plus (no lotion) have done their job quite well, and I am pleased.

My husband has been laborously and mysteriously concocting some sort of anniversary surprise for me. I am excited. I like surprises. On Friday, we will have been married for 5 years, and that's pretty exciting in and of itself, but the fact that J has taken to manual labor to create a thing as yet unknown is also very exciting. More details to follow as I learn what my surprise is. There might even be pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I'm still arguing with my 365 day project album to get things to get back in the correct order & be where I put them. While I've continued to take picutres, my camera battery is dead & I can't find the charger for it--only the charger for the old camera which is broken, so it's back to cell phone snap shots and I haven't even downloaded most of those because... well... I just haven't, ok? I know there's only a month left to this project and I fully intend to see it through, though I don't know that it accomplished any of the fairly vague goals I had set for it in the first place, but it's a thing to do and I have done it--mostly. I just have to actually... you know... share what I've been taking pictures of (as previously stated--lots of pictures of my cats).

*Early on in my marriage a set of rather unfortunate nicknames was established. I'll only embarrass myself in this reveal, but it seems due to some particularly rough seasonal allergies, I became known as the SnotBlossom. Yeah... that's love, ladies & gentlemen. True love.

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