Monday, September 19, 2011

Tree, Thunder and Figs

I finished "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." I think the author of the foreword really summed it up perfectly in her secondish sentence, "in its nearly 500 pages, nothing much happens."  A little girl grows up, some family drama happens, but it's not really a plot-driven thing. The plot is life. At least this book had a hopeful and uplifting ending, so there was some sense of purpose to the whole thing. Unlike "Little Bee."

There was a really crazy thunderstorm here last night. Possibly the weirdest storm I've ever seen. We drove right into it on our way home from dinner w/ my parents and the lightning was just... strange. I mean, there were some regular bolts, but the sheet lighting? Is that what it's really called? Where it's up in the clouds and just sort of lights up the whole sky without seeing a bolt? Anyway, usually it's that funky greyish-whitey-purple color, only last night it was... aquamarine. Blue-green. WEIRD. As we were driving home, sitting at a stop light, we saw one of these great, green flashes where the whole sky got bright, then there was a white-light burst on the horizon a few miles away, and we could hear all the lights make that funky electricla hum-woosh-swelling noise as the power went out. It was creepy.

Note to self that I share with you so you don't make the same mistakes I made:
Do not buy generic Fig Newtons.
Do not buy whole wheat Fig Newtons.
Stick with the original, brand name, regular (or fat free) Fig (not apple, raspberry, blueberry or whatever) Newtons (not bars, crisps, thins, fruit & cake immitations). 
Just trust me on this one--it's not worth the squirmy face you'll make if you don't heed my warning!

On this day, that is all.

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Beylit said...

Green skies are typical in tornado like conditions. Just saying.

And I totally agree that you should never buy generic/off brand or whole wheat Newtons. Now I do like strawberry, apple, and raspberry newtons as much as I like the fig variety. They are all pleasing in my mind. I also like the newton crisps, but not as a substitute for newtons. they taste nothing like newtons. They are however a tasty snack like thing.

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