Saturday, November 16, 2013

Like mother, like daughter

This picture (due to flash) does not accurately portray the joy & wiggling that happened when I busted out my old 96 box of crayons. And I do mean old. I got that box in high school. For the fun of it. And put all 96 in rainbow order. So far (and I'm not holding my breath) she's been her usual determined self and is pretty good at only taking one crayon at a time. They're not in the exact order I put them in anymore, but they're still grouped together well. Coloring is a pretty recent addition to our daily routine and I probably enjoy it WAY more than she does at the moment but her excitement when I get the crayons out makes me so happy.

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Elsha said...

Kalena was mentioning the other day that she needed more crayons, and I pretty much blew her mind when I busted out a large shoebox FILLED with crayons. It's made up of all the remnants of boxes my sisters and I had growing up (and one of my sisters divided it into color-coded sections!)

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