Friday, November 8, 2013

Trying again

So apparently, running over my FitBit with a car wasn't enough to get me out of having one.

Which is awesome, because I really liked it.

J got us both FitBit Flexes. He says I can't run over my own wrist with a car. True. And I guess the Flex is much less likely to fall off my wrist than the One was to come unhooked from my bra.  So now I'm back to tracking steps. And this one will track my sleep. That should be a hoot.

I set out on a goal this year to walk 500 miles. Before I got pregnant. And I know that women all across the whatever do all sorts of amazing feats of fitness while pregnant, and a measly 1.3 miles a day is actually a very small goal and no where near the 10,000 step marker that they say you're supposed to get, but it's been a bit of a challenge. I did great in the spring, talking walks with Eleanor in her stroller. Then it got hot and I got more pregnant. Or neighborhood walks went the way of the dodo. Walking became a thing we did at Target & the grocery store. Thankfully, the 8 weekends of running about at Scarborough Renaissance Festival really helped and I'm still mostly on track.

But sometime in the next 2 weeks, there's a baby who is getting his wee butt born. I have a feeling that might throw me off track a bit. I'm trying to gain a little momentum these last few days. If only multiple trips to the bathroom counted, I'd be set! Maybe I'll wind up pacing at night with a fussy baby. I'm not sure that's how I want to get my steps in either.

To change the subject, Eleanor is getting much better at operating my phone. The other day she managed to not only tweet a random string of letters, but she must have swiped enough that autocorrect filled in "blogger blogger" at the end of her tweet. Also, she's been taking some STUNNING photos of her daily life.

 An artist in the making? We'll just have to wait and see.


Elsha said...

Kalena still takes photos like that. Or ones where a blurry Will is halfway in the frame. Always interesting to come across.

april said...

Are we Fitbit friends? I always thought it would help me move more, you know - the competitive thing. It doesn't, but I like friends!! Also, I bought my flex for the same reason. Now I'd prefer the Force, but whatever, not buying another.

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