Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1 month

Time flies, eh?
The Vitals:
12lb 4oz
22.5" long
The time of the newborn sleeper is done, my friends. He is comortably in 0-3 month stuff. He still feels tiny compared to his sister, who is 26 to 28 pounds, depending on how many nuggets she's eaten. But today, I held a baby 2 weeks OLDER (and 2 pounds lighter) than Garrison. Kinda shocking.

Christmas! Which he slept through. Both times. And I currently have ZERO pictures of because...I didn't take any. J did. My mom did. I was too busy opening presents apparently.
New Years Day at the zoo! Which he mostly slept through. And I also have no pictures of. I sense a theme...
First bath. 

Spitting up on everything except burp cloths
Charming little old ladies at church and the grocery store
Eating, pooping, sleeping in reasonable chunks (if not always at reasonable times)
Holding his head up
Seeing more than a foot in front of his face

Works in Progress:
Staying awake for more than half an hour
Hand control--the flailing, it is strong with this one.

He likes:
Peeing in the open air like a fountain of a wee cherub
Car rides

He dislikes:
The cold

I like:
Falling asleep with him next to me. He's very warm & snuggly
A whole new set of adorable tiny clothes
Watching Eleanor get interested in him. She says his name, though it sounds more like Guy-son & is trying to say something like "brother"

I dislike:
Changing my clothes 2-3 times a day because of various bodily fluids not my own.

All in all, things are going really well. Nursing is so much easier since we got his tongue tie clipped before we left the hospital. He eats quickly, just like his sister did, so I'm getting some sleep. I'm still looking forward to the days when I don't have to choose between sleep & showering. I know it will be soon. These days go much too quickly. He's already so much different than when he was born.
Here's his alligator picture. I did take that one.
Day 2
1 month

Coordinating PJs from Aunt B

Christmas in Weatherford. Bonus lazy bones dog

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