Friday, January 17, 2014

Moy peeze!

We've come to the point in my momming & blogging where I talk about all the cute things my kid says.

I'm still sort of amazed by that. My BAYBEEEEEE says words. That mostly anyone can understand. There also a fair amount of "that means" translations going on. But seeing how fast she picks up words is the best.

So, her "or" sounds like "oy" which means Eleanoy, moy, dooy are said.

Elbow sounds like eyebrow
Hippo sounds like hair bow
She calls us Mama & Daddy, but will run into the room & shout, "Mom! Dad!"
Garrison is Guyson, which sounds like medicine which also sounds a lot like "this one."
She finally got a hard c/k sound, so milk & sock are pretty cute. Also Puca. She's been saying the dog's name for a long time, but before the k sound it was Pupa. (Cup is still pup though)
She's really in to Winnie the Pooh & asks to watch it daily. "Show? Pooh?" This week she's started pointing out Tigger & Piglet. But she can't say Rs, so it's Tigguh & Pigig. Nothing for Eeyore yet.
Purple is just puhpuh for now.

Toddler speak. Endless amusement. Also here's the pantsless wonder with tiara & magic wand refusing to stay still for a picture.

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