Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kitchen Adventures, Bean-style

So, I first heard about the recipe for Blueberry Boy Bait from my friend Megan, who sent me over to Smitten Kitchen to wander about and lust after recipes I could probably never re-create adequately. Seriously, check out her recipe for skirt steak with bloody mary tomato salad. She even recreated the Ratatouille ratatouille. Dude! 

Then I went to the grocery store and somehow convinced myself that 2 lbs of blueberries was a reasonable purchase. Because they were on sale! That's how grocery store logic works. That's how I wound up with a lot of greek yogurt that I will have to pawn off donate to some culinarily hipper friends. 

But back to the berries that are blue! I ate some every day with my yogurt & for dessert & they were good. 

But... I don't know if you know this, but 2 lbs is a lot of berries. More than I could manage on my own. I thought about freezing them and thus surprising myself some long, cold, winter night with blueberries of summery joy, but I also had a desire to create something, to bake and be all... domestic. So I dug up the recipe and attempted it.
folding in the berries
ready for the oven

I gotta say, the batter was super tasty. I know it's just your basic cake/cookie dough batter-- flour, sugar, brown sugar, butter, eggs, milk... but man! It was so good! I wore a fun apron and was quite pleased with everything at this stage in the game. 
However, I didn't read carefully enough. One of the steps that got skipped was coating the berries in flour before sprinkling them on top. I assume that makes them "float" throughout the cake.  What I ended up with was a cross between cake and cobbler... sort of blueberry upside-down cobbler.  I had some friends over to test it out, because I firmly believe one should always inflict kitchen adventures and untested recipes on friends and family. No one has died yet or suffered any undue gastrointestinal distress.  So I took some over to some other friends, because, you know... it made quite a bit of cake.  So far, I'm glad to report, everyone is still alive and no one hates me for inflicting this dessert upon them.  I was quite pleasantly surprised at how moist it stayed. So, you know... there you have it. 


Beylit said...

I didn't have any problem with my blueberries sinking and I didn't coat them in flour either. I don't think I added more blueberries either. I know I used half and half or maybe heavy whipping cream (I was at my moms house and it was what she had and wanted me to use up so she could get rid of it). I also used a round pan that was a little too small (and therefor overflowed onto a cookie sheet below) but I am not certain any of those factors would effect the buoyancy of berries in batter (that was good alliteration).

Anyhow, as my mother would say, it is not how it looks it is how it tastes, and if yours tasted anything like mine, it was pretty darn tasty (and truth be told, I don't really like blueberries).

Bravo though for your adventure.

Bill McCurry said...

I give your Blueberry Boy Bait my seal of approval.

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