Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where did my week go?

I was going to write a love letter to yogurt, the regular kind, the pansy not-Greek kind wherein I praised it for being awesome and lambasted the Greek kind for making my mouth feel like hate and chalk, but it wandered off into a weird place where off-label clinical uses of yogurt to treat miscellaneous infections came up and I got uncomfortable and grossed out, so I stopped. But please know that I love regular yogurt and am very happy to be back to my Yoplait mornings and as far as I'm concerned, protein be damned, I'm not going back to the icky sour Greek stuff. So there!

It's possibly too early in the morning to be using words like "lambaste" since I'm only about 80% sure of the meaning, but by the time I get around to actually publishing this, I will have a) consulted a dictionary, 2) probably eaten some yogurt, and D) let several hours pass so it will be nearly afternoon. Probably.

My 365 Days of Bean project is currently driving me crazy, because the pictures keep moving around... of their own volition, apparently. Not only are they rearranging themselves within the album, some of them have left the album!! Well, they've left my version of the album that I edit & upload stuff to, though they're still online. Online: 304 photos. In my off-line version: 178 photos. This is NOT GOOD!  So now I'm trying to find all the photos that I had in there and put them back where they belong, and the whole thing is sort of frustrating me. So, until I can figure out where the heck my pictures have gone, the project is sort of on hold. Don't worry, you're just missing more pictures of my cats, my hair, and things I saw while driving. Hopefully it'll get sorted soon.

There wasn't a holiday this week, so I have no excuse for the days not feeling right, but they just don't. Tuesday felt like Friday. Wednesday felt like Tuesday. Today doesn't feel like anything except LONG. And it's not even breakfast time yet. Thursdays are some of my favorite days, since I get to sing and see my Lace friends this evening, and that always leads to smiling. So does oatmeal with brown sugar, in case you were wondering.

Have I told you about the new Muppet Album?
Yeah! Ok, so, let's quickly review some of my favorite bands:
Alkaline Trio
Deathcab for Cutie

Now, 50% of those bands did cover songs for this new album. Yeah! Oh yeah! It's so awesome. OKGo did a video with muppets and Movin' Right Along is maybe my all-time favorite muppet song. I mean, I love Rainbow Connection and Mahna Mahna too, but the silly banter from Movin' Right Along is what makes it so awesome. "Cab it?!?"  And yes, there is silly Matt & Dan banter.  And the "duggadun duggadun." So... yes. It's pretty much the COOLEST thing ever!! On this day.

I'm still working on figuring out Pinterest. I like looking at other people's boards, and sometimes I even get inspired to pin something myself, but it's a slow process. In other news, I have Klout. Rapidly declining with few topics of true influence, but you know... it's there. I do know some stuff about biscuits, so you know, if you need your biscuity questions answered... just gimme a call.

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Jessica said...

I don't like the taste/texture of the Greek stuff either. If I'm having a smoothie (where the taste can be masked) I use Greek, for the protein. If I'm just eating it, I have regular/plain/whatever it's called (I'm not sure).

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