Monday, August 8, 2011

a little more to the left

Despite the title, this is not a post about politics.

I know I'm not the only one who finds joy in re-organization. After the Closet Swap, I've been wanting to attack all the other closets in the house. And the pantry. And the kitchen cabinets. And maybe move around some furniture.

Strangely, I've decided to start with the last thing first. I'm going to rearrange the furniture in several rooms. This pleases me because I don't think there is any room where I am 100% happy with the current arrangement. I don't know that the changes I have in mind will lead to complete room harmony, but I have hope that it will add some ease of movement and storage functionality. I should take before & after pictures... that sounds smart...

be right back!

Well, nevermind before pictures. The rooms are way too messy for showing on the internet. So, you'll just have to trust me that the layout wasn't ideal.

The first step in the rearranging process has gone flawlessly. I moved our baker's rack from one wall to the opposite wall. This opens up the wall it was previously on to a lot of possibilities, since I also moved the dog's food to the other wall as well. I think I'll put our buffet thingy there and set it up as the pseudo bar again.

Then, I'm going to take our love seat, which is at the moment facing the couch with a coffee table in between. I will move the love seat to where the buffet was, move the couch down, switch the current sewing-table-serving-as-a-tv-stand out and put the currently stacked end-tables down as the new serving-as-a-tv stand (or maybe mount the TV to the wall, but that requires putting holes in brick, which seems tricky), and wait... the couches. Yes, then the couches will be in a L shape, which may or may not drive me crazy.

Also, can I just take a moment to say that at this moment, I really appreciate laptops. I'm not generally a fan of laptops when it comes to my own personal use. I like my desktop. I like my keyboard and mouse just the way they are, and all that jazz. But right now, I'm very glad I can take my husband's laptop and blog from another room. 90% of the time I love that we have our computer desks in the same room. It's very helpful when I'm playing WoW, because I can ask him questions very easily. It is less ideal when he is playing Eve and talking in Skype with someone about some crazy details that I half understand and therefore try to listen to and get distracted by and can't even keep a thought in my head when I'm trying to type out very self-important trivia...

So yeah. I'm not rearranging the computer room* but I do love being able to take a laptop and go away when I want to. Technology is grand.

Where was I...

Oh yeah, the couches. See, the original placement left the couch & love seat so far apart that you couldn't really have a conversation, which is no good for me. My husband loved it because he likes rooms with wide open spaces. I like rooms with open space too, but not the room I want to hang out and talk in. That room I want to be close and cozy. So, hopefully moving the couches into a closer L will give cozy & open a chance to share the same space. It might also mean that watching tv together will require some adjusting of our normal butt-grooves, but I think that's good for us. That will help balance out the couches, right? The occasional rotation of the butt-grooves is recommended by couchs experts, right? Yeah, I thought so.

So here are the after pictures.

 Of course, you clean out shelves cats suddenly appear there
The living room would probably make more sense if the TV were opposite these couches, but it's not
our "entertainment center" and yes, the vacuum, because it needs to live right there!

the bar, such as it is

the new home of the baker's rack.
Also, I made those curtains. Yes I did. 

*Sometimes we call it the office, but mostly we always call it the computer room. This is a holdover from living at home (with my parents, as opposed to now, when I live at home with my husband) I think. "Office" sounds like work gets done in there... and, well, we all know that's rarely the case.

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