Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There needs to be a "thumb sideways" option for the non-commital or indecisive

Lists of things in no particular order, inspired by some of the blogs I've been reading in preparation for this Blathering thing.

Likes: dancing freestyle, praying with my friends, playing with make-up and hair, playing dress-up, home grown veggies, walking the dog*, warm baths, fun decorations on my toes, Yay-God! moments, lots and lots of pillows, cat naps, woven-braid hairstyles, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, dark chocolate almond milk, peacock feathers, ribbons, sparkle mod podge, computer games of the puzzle and/or dress-up variety, marshmallows, fondue, 2" heels, mary janes, headbands, all the colors, argyle socks, reading under lots of blankets, digital scrapbooking, giraffes, hippos, giraffapotamuses, octopuses...octopi?, chandeliers, crafts, sweater weather, looking at other people's awesome photographs of places I'll probably never go, watching movies, couch time with my friends, laughing until my sides hurt, metaphors, web comics

Dislikes: being cold, being hot, sweating, sprouts (brussel and alfalfa), spiders in a touching-type radius, cancer, Forgetting to take pictures of the people I'm with when I'm doing fun stuff and instead having to take some random cloud picture as my Picture-of-the-Day especially when those people include my Aunt Cheryl, who is awesome, sand in uncomfortable places (which are ALL of them except on the beach where it belongs), fever blisters, biting my cheek in my sleep and waking up to a swollen part that continues to get caught in my back molars for a week, folding laundry, 

On the fence: things between my toes and thus toe socks & flip flops, chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and raspberry, chocolate and anything other than nuts, mint or caramel, waltzing, lotioned facial tissues, yo-yos, jigsaw puzzles, shorts, thin crust pizza

Idea for today's rambling shamelessly ganked from the About Me section over at Two Adults, One Brown Baby because... yeah... it sounded like a good idea at the time.

*Actual 4-legged canine, not that yo-yo trick, because... no


Beylit said...

Ohh I like this, though I am surprised you are on the fence about chocolate and (insert blank that is not a nut). For some reason I would think you would like that.

On a completely unrelated note but something that makes me think of you and I meant to tell you yesterday but forgot....I saw a screaming Flora PANK Hummer driving to work yesterday. There is also a woman at my gym who drives a Hummer that is somewhere between Mary Kay Pink and Baby Bubblegum pink. Pink Hummers!

LE Bean said...

Oh, Hummers... ugh! But Pank, that's nice.
As for the chocolate thing, thismostly applies to chocolate BARS, not necessarily chocolate DESSERTS, but those too... I like "normal" things in my chocolate... like rice crispies and marshmallow, toffee, nougat, chili powder, sea salt, but not "weird" things like gummy bears (they should be enjoyed on their own, except the green ones), fruit of any variety like fruit loops, fruit chews, fruit flavors or actual fruit... other stuff I'm just not sure of yet. I THINK I might dislike it, but then sometimes I DO like it, so it's hard to categorize...

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