Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 months

The Vitals:
11 lbs
She's growing, but still feels tiny to me. Due to cloth-diaper-butt, we've moved out of the newborn onesies and she's wearing 0-3mo without looking like I hit her with a shrink ray. I have 2 dresses and one onesie left that she hasn't worn. That's two months without repeating an outfit. I say THANK YOU TWITTER, FAMILY & FRIENDS for clothing my baby!

We went to Scarborough Faire and she got made a Lady of the Court by the Queen.
I learned how to use the stroller
We had dinner with Aunt B at Jorg's Cafe Vienna
Spent Memorial Day hangin' with the EDGE group babies

Rolling Over: Belly to back only, but can do it both directions, with cloth diaper
Waste Production in high volume (What? It's totally a skill!)
Sticking tongue out (she'll even mimic you if you do it first)

In Progress:
Laughing (she does it in her sleep--so cute!)
Rolling over: back to belly She's done it once, and I don't think she even knows that she did it, which is sort of fine by me
Holding her head up--Still working on it! She can do it for more than 30 seconds at a time, fairly consistently, but she's still pretty wet-noodle like at times. If I hold her in a sitting position, she's pretty good, just a little wobbly still.

She likes:
The dangling toys from her activity mat and chair (because she can SEE them now)
Bath time
Me (even when she's not eating, which is nice)
Her musical swing
Being slung over a shoulder like a sack of potatoes
Music & dancing
Ooching herself around the co-sleeper

She dislikes:
Being hungry
or wet
or cold
or tired
or bored

I dislike:
Cradle cap
Leaking diapers
She's started pinching me while she's nursing

I like:
Watching her watch things
Watching her sleep
The magic moment where she sees me and smiles
Figuring out what's making her cranky and fixing it
All her adorable clothes. Yes, she's my little doll (for now)
I think her eyes are getting lighter. They might stay blue
Smooching her all the time. All the time. All the time.
J singing & playing guitar to her
Nursing is going SO MUCH better

We still haven't found the zen of nursing, but we're getting there. Right now, I feel like an example of dysfunctional economics. She eats all the time, like there's a shortage, then the next day, she's back to every 2-3 hrs and there is a surplus, and that's uncomfortable too. It's a learning curve. The best part is we're doing it. She's getting fed and I'm doing it. It doesn't hurt anymore which makes me feel like a whole new person.

I'm also enjoying her more. I mean, I spend all my time with her, but she is awake more. I think I can kind of sum it up with this: she's more interactive now. She sees us, and responds. We can make her smile. She's not reaching for things yet and rattles aren't very interesting, but it won't be long now.
0 months
2 months
1 month


Elsha said...

She's beautiful.

laura dinicola said...

I just love her. She looks so dainty and beautiful in every single picture you post!

Jeremy Welch said...

She looks so much bigger in the 2 month pictu.... wait a second...

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