Sunday, June 3, 2012

In a minute

Just some quick, non-sequitor notes

*When I vacuum, I think our house could be used for Dyson before and after commercials. Only the bedrooms have carpet, but it's that ubiquitous shade of beigy grey that was probably lovely once. They might have called it "Silvered Almond" or "Toasted Twilight" or something equally bizarre. Now it's just a magnet for the black dog hair that accumulates everywhere. 3 grey/brown tabby cats don't shed half as much as this one Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mutt. Or if they do, they shed fur the color of toasted twilight.

*I've been puked and pooped on. I don't mean just "in my life" because, you know, infant. I mean just today, by Eleanor. The glamour of my life!

*Glitter-hippieness continues! I haven't had much time to wash my face with oil, and I'm still using shampoo and conditioner, but we're using the laundry detergent I made, and we're cloth diapering, and I'm about to install a clothes line/drying rack outside. Watch out world!

*There was a discusson on Twitter a while back about what to put on a corn dog: mustard or ketchup. I like both condiments in general, and like both on my hot dogs at the same time, but for some reason I thought I liked mustard only on corn dogs. But we were out of yellow mustard, so I had ketchup, and now I think I like that better. Someone from that Twitter conversation should tell me whether that makes me "Texan" or not, because I don't remember.

*I made a Disney station on Pandora and it is eye-opening to me how many songs I don't know. Mulan? Tarzan? I'm right out. Little Mermaid, Lion King, Beauty & the Beast? No problem!

*Thursday, for about 30 minutes, I had the bed all to myself. No husband, no baby, no cats. Just me and 8 pillows. It was wonderful.

*I painted my finger & toe nails with this fun UV color changing stuff. It's a cheap thrill. Indoors my nails are a silvery pink. Outside they're...a darker pink. Pink and pink. My nails are blush and bashful, one id much deeper than the other.

*As you can tell by the corn dog comment above,  I haven't gotten around to doing real meal planning yet. I want to. I have plans to plan. I just haven't figured it out yet. Also, grocery shopping with The Squnchler is... not very efficient. I need to figure out how to make her more secure in the sling so I don't have 3/4 of my basket taken up with her car seat. She spends our grocery trips snuggled up to the frozen vegetables and that seems awkward.

*I have a fussy baby. Not an inconsolable colicky baby (thank God, and by the rules of the Internet, I have just jinxed myself and colic will show up tonight). She settles down at night and sleeps (knock on wood, cross your everything) well, but during the day, she is really only content for short periods of time (5-10 min) unless she is asleep or eating. She naps during the day. She likes her playmat with the bright colors and dangling toys, at least for a little while, then the fussing starts. It's mild fussing, no tears, no screaming, but it is fussing. It seems unconnected to the state of her belly, diaper, or gas bubbles. I walk her about. We dance. I sing. She likes being tossed over a shoulder best. I don't know. Mildly fussy baby. Could be so much worse.

*Cloth diapers have only been a challenge at night. I haven't found the magic setting that has snug enough leg holes and enough padding to handle her 6hr stretch.

*My musical baby swing plays 2 songs that I just don't know. I find that odd. It plays "Rock-a-bye baby," "Fur Elise," and "Baa-Baa Black Sheep" (which J tells me is actually "Twinkle Twinkle") and then these other 2 songs that are a total mystery to me.

That's all.

Oh, here's a picture of my baby:


Julie Short said...

I fuss at Chris all the time about how I have been covered in every bodily fluid possible since Jackson was born. He has only been hit once. Infants are hard but it will get better.

Francesca said...

Try two-parters for night, they are AMAZING. I use a fleece liner on a fitted inner with any old outer (eBay cheapie pockets as a wrap, usually, although I've got a wool soaker) and 13 hours, no problem. I'm in the UK so would recommend Tots Bots Bamboozle but it shouldn't be too hard to find alternatives over there.

Jeremy Welch said...

L spent a few minutes Sunday morning instructing our dear daughter that next time she poo'd on a person, it was Daddy's turn.

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