Saturday, June 30, 2012


I do not have a green thumb. I suck at keeping plants alive. I have managed to slay succulents and african violets. I murdered a diffenbachia. Heck, even my lawn is sketchy. Plants are not my thing. I love them, but in a distant "other people's gardens" sort of way.

That being said, a sweet friend told me every nursey should have something homemade and something growing. Homemade we've got. From the cradle made by my father to blankets, quilts, hats and booties, many wonderful people have used their talents and time to bless our little girl.

Now for the growing. This sweet pot is a little pink cradle. Inside grows an ivy plant made from a clipping from our friend Shannon's ivy plant. Shannon loves plants and plants love her. All her fingers are green. She works hard and spends quality time to ensure that she has fresh herbs and vegetables for her family. Her gardens are decorative and functional. I did not want to disappoint her and I certainly didn't want to lose the "growing thing" for the nursery. I was hopeful that I might do better than I had in the past. See, Shannon gave me an amyrillis bulb for Christmas and I managed to care for that little plant well. It gave me 3 huge red flowers in the middle of winter. It's still alive, but flowerless at the moment.

My little ivy plant has survived pretty well thus far. I've been caring for this little plant since January. It's still growing strong, getting new leaves and dangling about. I've relocated it several times to keep it away from tiny kitty teeth.

Right now, it rests on our mantle, next to a glass pumpkin Shannon gave us at an Autumn dinner party years ago. Next to that is our wedding cake topper, that Shannon's husband Allen made for us. I think it's in good company. Mostly it's someplace that I see it and remember to water it, so that's important. I hope I can keep it growing. I want to have to re-pot it, and someday tell Eleanor how to care for it, the little ivy from our friend Shannon.

Wish me luck and a green thumb or two.

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Jessica said...

That's so sweet. I can picture little Eleanor taking careful care of "her" ivy.

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