Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cake. Alot of cake is a lot of cake

We interrupt your regularly scheduled not a Bean-posting day to bring you this important example of me tooting my own horn.


Alot is a brilliant creation from the mastermind behind Hyperbole and a Half.  I love the Alot a lot.  I love the blog, but it's not really child friendly, because she uses adult words like "velociraptor" and "loofah" so if you are sensitive to strong language, be warned--she uses all the words!  She makes me laugh. 

So, I made a cake.  A  lot of cake.  Alot... of cake!

This is a lot of cake

Alot closer

Alot of cake at a bad angle

the Alot is a creation of Ally Brosh at Hyperbole and a Half, and all the awesomeness of the Alot belongs to her, not to me.  I just made a cake. 


Bud said...

"Was that an alot or am I seeing things?"

That's what I thought when I was scrolling through your blog, so I had to scroll back up to check. Awesome.
Now I want an alot of cake.

LE Bean said...

One: I love that you know what an Alot is, and
Two: it was rather easy to make. One 13x9 sheet cake, one 9" round cake, and two marshmallows...

Carrie said...

OMFG you made an Alot cake!


THIS? This right here is totally why we are friends!...c

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