Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Are you sick of my eyeballs yet?

Day 23: Naked & purple-ish, in The City

So, I did all the same stuff as the day before, but I added this fantastically sparkly purple shadow that was a sample called Cuddlefish from Super fun colors and a really easy way to try lots of colors for not a lot of money. Check it out. Buy stuff. Then tell me all about it. Anyway, I didn't do much blending, and it shows, so you know, there it is. Things look better when I take the time to do it right. Who knew?

Day 24: Actually naked, due to exhastion
So, we spent Tuesday running around San Francisco and the day was wonderful. Unfortunately, I wound up with an overstimulated, overtired baby at the end of it who woke up every hour-ish, as though she were a wee tiny infant again. No sleep for mama means I spent all my free time trying to nap with her, not putting on makeup. However, she was adorable in her bunny suit eating a Pop Tart.

Day 25: More Hello Kitty
This little shadow quad is wonderful and I finally decided to try the dark sparkly brown in there. It's got gold glitter. Looky.

It turned out ok, not as scary dark or sparkly as I thought. I added pink from my MAC Briar Rose blush because... I was bored. So in pictures it looks very... charcoaly on my face, but trust me, it was brown. Glasses on my head is the new look, as I couldn't be bothered to try to find them if I put them down. Also, dude, I have freckles.

Day Whatever Am I still doing this?:
MOAR PURPLE!! This purple is so sparkly, which just doesn't come through in pictures, but I love it. Now, to really get the full effect though, you have to use a primer/base of some sort. Like this (picture from Twitter a long time ago):

Also, I stopped after braiding half of my hair to do my makeup apparently. Good for me.

Day 27: Grey & Black, again
Same dress, same look, different stuff.

Day 28: Just mascara with smudgy liner
I couldn't be bothered this day. Just couldn't find the energy to do more than this. Then I cried a lot saying goodbyes to my family, so putting mascara on was a GREAT idea.

So, good thing I'm home, because my luggage didn't make it on the same plane I did, and so all my makeup was being held hostage. Well, all the makeup from my trip. Which is fine, because I was getting bored of that stuff anyway. So I tried to use 2 shades of brown and wound up with a monochromatic mess. Blech. Maybe I should go back on vacation.

Day 30: Green on green, Avon failure
So, I have this neat eyeshadow/eyeliner combo thing in a pretty springish green that I like, and the shadow always looks really neat when I test it on my hand. And then I put it on my eyelids and guess what? It's not nearly so nice. This picture was taken AS SOON AS I finished putting everything on. The shadow (which is creamy in the tube, put on with a lip gloss style applicator) is already creased and fading and practically gone. Boo. Hiss.

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