Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation Makeup

Maybe planning a THING that requires access to my copious quantities of makeup, especially the stuff that I don't usually wear, isn't the best idea when you're planning on being away from home for half the month.

See, I'm on vacation, visiting my family for 2 weeks. So I had to pack stuff to use for those 2 weeks. In limited space as most of my space was taken up with stuff for the baby. Who really did remarkably well on a plane ride that lasted from 6am until 9:30. Which means we got her up at 3:30 to get to the airport by 4:30, though we really got there at 4:15 so we could get our seat assignments changed since they'd put Eleanor in a seat all by herself. Which is fine in that we paid for her to have her own seat and had dragged her through the airport in her carseat to sit in that seat. But the seat they gave her wasn't next to any of us. That's not good. But I'm totally sidetracked.
Before I left, I did some stuff. Day 9, I think? I got lost somewhere: Gold cream base with blush as contour? Not very exciting. Clinique, but not at all Clinique's fault. Also, I aparently forgot mascara, because... oh, ok, whatever.

Day 10: Then I did another purple thing. I got some super fun PURPLE mascara as a CDP and it was quite fun. It didn't show up very boldly, but you know, it made me smile, which is what a good CDP is about, so I call it a win. The shadows are Clinique.

Day 13: Then aparently I lost 2 days. I got crazy and decided that what I really needed was a lime green/navy cat's eye look. These Revlon cream shadows are a nice quick thing to keep in my purse. I have a pink/black/white set and a nude/brown set. The texture isn't great--sometimes it goes on patchily, but I topped it with some Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. That made it last pretty well.

I packed some makeup. Including some sample lipsticks that I got when a friend stopped being a Mary Kay lady and gave away all her sample bits. What a convenient way to pack 8 different shades of lipstick.

So, these pictures will all have different lighting because I'm not at home in my bathroom. But I'm still doing my makeup!

I even did my makeup for our 6am flight. Because I couldn't sleep. I still wore yoga pants & a t-shirt on the plane though. I wasn't going to get THAT fancy.

Also, I obviously haven't flown United in a while, or if so, I've never done so with a baby. Which, since this was Eleanor's first flight, is kind of a given. But anyway, they were a) unhelpful, 2) kind of rude, and D) really dumb. When we tried to pre-board, because every other airline I've ever flown preboards the elderly, those with disabilities & those flying with small children, they refused to let us board & made a general announcement that even if you have a lap baby, you don't get to board. Well, hello dude who just rearranged our seats, we don't have a LAP BABY. We have a PAYING CUSTOMER with EXTRA STUFF to get situated and since you're letting other folks on first, you might want to let us get situated so we don't hold everything up trying to figure out how to install a car seat on your plane. Which, boy am I glad I looked that up online because the flight attendants didn't bat an eyelash or stop one second to help us figure it out. They put us in the front row (hooray legroom, boo no access to the diaper bag during take-off & landing), and because the arm rests don't go up, my mom & I had to play contortionist/Twister to get the seatbelt into the seatbelt slot and then the carseat base didn't fit down onto the seat and I was frustrated and I was cranky and it was way too early in the morning and all that. THEN, when Eleanor was OBVIOUSLY asleep, the flight attentdant looked right at my SLEEPING BABY, then proceeded to ask in a very loud voice if we wanted anything to drink. I was looking right at him expectantly so I could reply quietly that I wanted some water and please STFU dude, because COME ON! Sleeping baby! So, she slept for takeoff and I guess that's better than nothing. AND THEN! Right before we land! Another flight attendant kindly informs us that the wheely thingy that we used to cart the carseat through the airport, the equivalent of our stroller, has been sent to baggage claim, not held for us to walk the mile from our gate to baggage claim like every other stroller in the world and the only reason we had to check it in the first place is that it couldn't go under the seat in front of us because there was NO SEAT IN FRONT OF US, and SERIOUSLY CAPS LOCK OK?

But back to makeup, ok. I didn't get a picture of my 3am face, and I think we're ok with that. I wore some purple eyeshadow (Day 14).

Day 15: Then I wore some of my favorite MAC Maleficent shiny baked eyeshadow duo stuff. It's purple & balck & sparkly. Of course I love it. It's also pretty dramatic, even when you're being cautious with it, so I used a nice light purple from my Kat Von D palette thingy to tone it down, since with the NYX Milk pencil, colors show up quite well. And here's a picture of the BB cream I'm currently wearing. It's not super fancy, but it has SPF, so I feel better. Also, my aunt complimented my eye makeup on this day, so that felt nice.

Day 16:Grey & silver. More attempts at tightlining with a pencil. Also, lipstick. It makes a whole face. So the grey is matte from Sephora, the silver is actually from the Kat Von D palette, not the sparkly black from the MAC pallete that is pictured. I...changed my mind.

Day 17: I decided to try nude face again. I'm not ready to try tightlining with a brush--which, ok, tightlining is scary because it's all up in the base of your eyelashes and even though I can put contacts in just fine, poking a brush or a pencil into a part of my eye that is... ticklish? Sensitive? Picky? I don't know, it makes me blink a lot and that's crazy when you have sharpish things next to your eye. But I'm trying. So, this was today--naked face that's actually a lot of makeup. 3 different eyeshadows, only one of which is actually eyeshadow. The other 2 are a) blush/face powder from the Hello Kitty Wild Side set and 2) brow powder from Urban Decay's Honey Pot box, which I love & adore. It has tiny tweezers, clear wax & two shades of powder that are so velvety and soft I use them all the time. The Honey Pot color is for light/blonde brows, and It works well on my invisible eyebrows, which you can see clearly-ish in all the pictures above. Here's what it looks like when I actually put my eyebrows on!   So this is Yogurt from MAC on the lid, the peach color on the right on the brow bone & the brown on the right in the crease. Urban Decay liner in Corrupt in my lashes & some Sephora mascara.

I got some Rimmel nude eyeliner to do my lower waterline and then tightline the top, because Temerity Jane says it looks sharp, and I'd like to see if I can get used to "naked face that's not my naked face" looks. Also a TJ quote. And a good one, I think. So I may be trying that again soon.


April said...

I think I like the last look best!

Anonymous said...

That's so awful. I will try not to fly United with Sev. We missed you! Did you get the gift from Andrea yet?


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