Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Makeup

July, my endeavor to wear makeup every day. Day 1-failed. Days 2 & 3- good. Day 4... not so good. But 5 & 6 are on!

Day 3- BLUE

So, I bought this beautiful set of shadows a couple years ago. The colors are super rich and I'm always afraid to use them because they're very serious colors. But lately I've decided that I can and will wear all the colors for no reason. So on the day of my big ultrasound, I wore a blue tunic in absolutely no attempt to influence the outcome of the appointment. This prompted me to  try to wear Redemption, a shadow the exact color of my blue tunic. I used the NYX pencil as a base, and while that made it easy to see the color of this shadow more purely and control how dark I got it, when I wanted to blend some gold into my crease to soften things a bit the gold didn't so much blend on the blue/white as... stick. Splotchily. So. NYX--good for seeing colors and staying power. Bad for blending. It's possible this is just user error and a more experienced hand with the right brush could have done better. Maybe a sponge? I don't know. I skipped the eyeliner and just did mascara. Also, it should be noted that when I say "wear makeup" what I really mean is "do my eyes." I hardly ever wear anything other than moisturizer on my face and lips are pretty much hit or miss, mostly decided by what's in my purse when I get somewhere.

Day 4- 4th of July! I forgot to do my face, even though I left the house and everything.

Day 5- So, I did a "natural look" by which I mean that even though I was wearing 2 different eyeshadows, eye liner and mascara I honestly couldn't tell the difference from before to after. Of course, I forgot to take a before picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I did tight lining with a pencil. It wasn't as scary as with a brush, but I'm not sure how effective it was. I also forgot to take a picture of what I used. A clinique blush in New Clover as my crease eyeshadow and MAC eyeshadow in "yogurt" on the lid, Urban Decay "Rockstar" as my liner, Fresh "Firebird" as mascara.

Day 6- Two looks? So I went to a yard sale (where I resisted the temptation to buy everything they had in the baby boy section, but did come home with 36 sleepers/onesies/rompers in sizes 0-9 months) and it was morning, so I did my normal "quick & dirty" with this Revlon 12-hr eyeshadow quad in Berry Bloom.
Then, I decided to browse Pinterest while my baby wasn't sleeping. I have a board where I put pictures of eye makeup I think I can try. Mostly just pictures, not tutorials. I like to wing it. Since I'm not going to recreate it exactly, it's less important to have step-by-steps. I started with this picture, which I can't seem to find any sort of source to, other than a site for stock photography? Unfortunately, I don't have the right shades of orange, so I faked it with some from Sephora. I love that they have interchangeable palette thingies like MAC now. I used the shimmery orange on the bottom, but it wasn't orange enough, more bronze/apricot, so I put some of that bright matte terracota on top. Closer. I put some plain shimmery white (also from Sephora) in the inner corner. I didn't do as much dark brown in the corner, but I'm wearing ORANGE eyeshadow. I was actually quite pleased once all was said and done. It didn't look too weird at all. Orange eyeshadow. Who would have thought? Also, in the picture of my tools, the big orange compact? Just face powder. Physician's Formula SPF 50 face powder. Not anything to help the oranging at all.



Alright, so I liked this orange thing so well, I decided to try again. I found a different orange that I didn't remember having before, busted out the NYX pencil as primer to see if I could get a truer orange color and found a really dark brown shadow (MAC in "Embark") and tried again. I still can't seem to get a good contrast with the brown in the corner, so I think I'm going to try again putting the brown on first, then blending the orange into it. I don't know. I'm grasping at straws now, but I seem to be on some sort of orange mission. I know I'm not going to recreate the image entirely. There's just so much going on there. White on the lower waterline, false eyelashes, tight lining the inner corner--too much for me to reasonably replicate. However, I do want to get that dark brown part right. Anyway, here's Sunday's attempt.

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