Monday, July 22, 2013

Stuff I forgot

Aparently I need a better system for viewing & storing my pictures. After looking at way too many close up shots of my eyeball, I somehow managed to miss one of the days.

Day 8: My Pinterest board once again led me on a merry chase trying to find the source of this pretty picture. So this was the goal:
This is what I wound up with:

 And boy, what a difference eyebrows make. So, not a failed experiment, but probably not one I'll try again soon. I wasn't a fan of the pink I used (which is from this Sephora make-your-own palette, the color is more terracotta in person, but over the NYX Milk pencil, is quite pinkish. Anyway, it's called "Cherry on Top") with my particular brand of pink face. The blue underneath is Urban Decay pencil in Electric with MAC shadow in "Too Dolly," which is of course a limited edition from a Hello Kitty palette from some years ago on top, but is pretty close to Aquadisiac. This would have been a day to try nude liner on the waterline, but I didn't own it then, so I couldn't. I did tightline my upper lid with Urban Decay's Zero pencil, which worked pretty well, though I'm now on the hunt for the right brush to try brush+cream liner to see how that works. Because I can't be satisfied with what I've got. Also, I really wish I could accentuate the 7 lower eyelashes I have in a way that wouldn't wind up with makeup all the way in the annoying under-eye crease. I'm working on that. Thus far, I have yet to meet a mascara capable of getting where it should be (on my lashes) and not where it shouldn't (everywhere else).

Day 18: Naked? Nude? It's my face, but better?

Day 19: Naked, with grey. I tried my nude eyeliner. But I also tried balck, and wound up with smudgy grey, which was fine since I was a) wearing grey & 2) used grey shadow on top, but not D) what I was going for.

Day 20: Green that looks nothing like green. It's my Maleficent green with "Poe" from the Kat Von D palette, which is also dark forest green. NYX pencil as base, regular old Firebird mascara. No black on the bottom lashes, just nude.

Day 21: Blue & Gold, revisited
I went back to my Kat Von D palette, grabbed Redemption, my NARS primer, and went to see if I could get something close to... blended. I don't know that I got blended, but I felt pretty and no one at church said anything to me, so that's something. Also, I choose whichever eye turns out better, so this time I took pictures of both eyes together.

Day 22: Naked Hello Kitty Wild side. NYX penci &, my favorite Christmas makeup--giraffe print Hello Kitty eyeshadow!! I used the two shadows on the... bottom. The peachy & the coppery brown. They don't have names. Sadly. Also, I used the magic Rimmel nude eyeliner. And this is photographic evidence of the mess I make when I try to put mascara on my bottom lashes. Seriously, tell me your secrets. I'm hopeless!

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