Tuesday, July 2, 2013

For July

Several of my friends are doing a 30 day workout challenge for July. I'm doing ok to just get my Tues/Thurs yoga in, so I decided to do a different challenge, inspired by something my husband said months ago.

He had a great idea. For Scarborough Faire, I wear the same costume every weekend, and so I wear the same makeup every weekend. It's a stage show, though closer than most theaters, but I still wear more dramatic makeup than I would in real life. Except after so many years doing Faire, my ideas of what is & isn't dramatic have changed quite a bit. Which is a bit off topic. J suggested that I take a picture of my makeup every day. Well, my face, with makeup on it, so I could see how things changed through the season, though the goal was the same look all the time. It was a brilliant and wonderful idea. That I never followed through on.

So for July, I've got this idea that I can make an effort to WEAR all the makeup that I own, not at the same time of course, but actually use all the fantastic colors of eyeshadow that are lurking in my bathroom, and I'll take pictures. For July. Ok, it's not that exciting in text, but I'm excited about it. Also, I swear I am not a pusher for Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay or MAC. I just... like them. I'll try to include links to anything that's still purchasable now, but I'm sucker for limited edition things, so that's a fair chunk of what I'll be trying to wear this month. Anyway, here's what I got for Monday & Tuesday.

Well, to be honest, Monday I had a spare 15 month old around and only got 30 minutes of coordinated napping, which I used to sit on the couch & play Candy Crush for a bit, so it was kind of a wash. First day and failing already. Maybe I'll include August 1st to make up for it. Maybe not.

The Tools:
MAC Beauty Powder in Briar Rose*
Sephora Glitter Eyeshadow (loose) in... a color I can't see the name of because I glued a magnet over it to stick it to my makeup board. But it's a golden ivory type color.
Sephora Smudge/eyeliner brush
Sephora Glitter eyeshadow... spatula
Urban Decay Glide on Eyeliner in Rockstar
Fresh mascara in Firebird*
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

 So, I used the NYX pencil as a cream-style base, which is a trick I shamelessly stole from Ginger. Not that I am lacking in eyeshadow primers. I think I currently only have the NARS Smudge-Proof eyeshadow base  which I used out at Faire, and it completely stood the test of heat, sweat, 12+ hours outside in Texas and I love it. Worth the money for sure. But I don't want to use my fancy stuff when no one but my husband & toddler will be seeing me. Also NotBagels, but you know, still. So, a $5 option was a good one to try. I used it this weekend and finally really liked a couple of eyeshadows that I have loved from a distance for years, but never loved on my face.  So, that's what I've got as a base. Due to the light & glittery nature of the eyeshadow (which I can no longer find on the Sephora website), today I have very white eyelids. I used the MAC blush as a contour type color in my crease and then eyeliner that's sort of brownish purple and mascara. Not fancy, but the overall effect is very... 70's disco? 90's Clueless? I dunno. I think I might try the glitter over another color, instead of white. You can't see in the picture how sparkly it is, but trust me, there is glitter up on my face. But I love glitter, so I'm sure I'll come back to this. Also, let me just rave about my glitter spatula. It is made of silicon or rubber or some other fabulous glitter-attracting material and you pat it in the loose glitter, then pat it on your face and... the glitter sticks to your face. It's pretty nifty. I've been very pleased with that little single-use brush purchase. It works with other loose powders too and when I have a sticky base & I'm not concerned about blending on the lid, when I want just color there, it's a good tool for that. Remember that natural is not my thing. So anyway, this didn't turn out too bad for all that.


*The MAC blush was a super limited edition that was practically sold out in the pre-order phase and it's from the Villains collection and you will see LOTS from that collection pop up this month because I basically bought everything with Maleficent on it and it's all beautiful colors that I haven't figured out how to wear yet. Also the Fresh mascara was from a little duo sample size thingy with "supernova" and "firebird" as the two formulas of mascara. I like them. They're purse-sized.

**Someday I will have blogging stuff that lets me put pictures right where I want them. Someday. Recommendations welcome, but remember my level of technical know-how is limited to the use of "thingies" and "whatchamabobbers"

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