Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The last day of JULY!

So, I decided to go out with a bang. I saw this on Pinterest, and though the watermark leads to an unfindable blog (, I still decided to brave it and attempt to recreate this. Yes, because I'm crazy, or bored, or just want to put to use all the colors I own at once.

Now, prepare yourself, because I took a lot of pictures. The basic process was: put on primer, then a little bit of each color, not trying to keep it in a tiny line. Once I had all the colors, I went back with makeup remover to clean up everything, trying to get the nice, neat, crisp little line pictured there. Then I messed it all up putting liquid/gel liner on my way-too-crinkly eyelids, used more makeup remover, then concealer and nude shadow with a contrast in the crease, mascara and forgot all about the white on the lower waterline and glitter. How could I forget glitter?!? 
My favorite primer in the whole wide world
that I found because of Brightest Bulb in the Box

ridiculously cheap Love My Lips red
 lipstick, to make the red redder
Sephora's Cherry on Top,
matte red
And so it begins

Milani blush/bronzer duo that
I use as eyeshadow,
because neither of those colors
belong anywhere
other than my eyeids
There really are 2 colors there

I really needed access to my friend
Kathleen's makeup for this.
My yellow isn't very yellowy
(top right). More gold-ish.
Getting the yellow to show up
was hard, so I used the NYX milk
pencil under it for added oomph. T
hat's oomph. Not very oomphy

I'm running out of eyelid. Also,
too much light. Sorry.
I've always been quite pleased with
this little duo, even if I don't wear
poison green eyeshadow often. 
Cream eyeliner 
Finally looks like a rainbow

For an inexpensive palette, I love
this thing. The colors are pretty rich
and with primer, they last all day


Next step: makeup remover, applied very carefully with a q-tip and toilet paper (not pictured).
Not quite as thin or crisp
 as I'd hoped
Story of my life

Then I ruined everything with this eyeliner: 

I got it all over my lashes, which created quite a mess. There was more touch-ups and reapplying and touching up and then re-re-applying and then I put on Kat Von D's tattoo cover-up concealer, MAC's Yogurt eyeshadow (which is as close to my skin color as I've yet to find), some Clinique blush in Mocha Pink as a contour, Tarte mascara, my Urban Decay brow box powders and called it good.

Then I went to the grocery store. Because why the heck not?

Are you sick of my eyeballs yet?

Day 23: Naked & purple-ish, in The City

So, I did all the same stuff as the day before, but I added this fantastically sparkly purple shadow that was a sample called Cuddlefish from Super fun colors and a really easy way to try lots of colors for not a lot of money. Check it out. Buy stuff. Then tell me all about it. Anyway, I didn't do much blending, and it shows, so you know, there it is. Things look better when I take the time to do it right. Who knew?

Day 24: Actually naked, due to exhastion
So, we spent Tuesday running around San Francisco and the day was wonderful. Unfortunately, I wound up with an overstimulated, overtired baby at the end of it who woke up every hour-ish, as though she were a wee tiny infant again. No sleep for mama means I spent all my free time trying to nap with her, not putting on makeup. However, she was adorable in her bunny suit eating a Pop Tart.

Day 25: More Hello Kitty
This little shadow quad is wonderful and I finally decided to try the dark sparkly brown in there. It's got gold glitter. Looky.

It turned out ok, not as scary dark or sparkly as I thought. I added pink from my MAC Briar Rose blush because... I was bored. So in pictures it looks very... charcoaly on my face, but trust me, it was brown. Glasses on my head is the new look, as I couldn't be bothered to try to find them if I put them down. Also, dude, I have freckles.

Day Whatever Am I still doing this?:
MOAR PURPLE!! This purple is so sparkly, which just doesn't come through in pictures, but I love it. Now, to really get the full effect though, you have to use a primer/base of some sort. Like this (picture from Twitter a long time ago):

Also, I stopped after braiding half of my hair to do my makeup apparently. Good for me.

Day 27: Grey & Black, again
Same dress, same look, different stuff.

Day 28: Just mascara with smudgy liner
I couldn't be bothered this day. Just couldn't find the energy to do more than this. Then I cried a lot saying goodbyes to my family, so putting mascara on was a GREAT idea.

So, good thing I'm home, because my luggage didn't make it on the same plane I did, and so all my makeup was being held hostage. Well, all the makeup from my trip. Which is fine, because I was getting bored of that stuff anyway. So I tried to use 2 shades of brown and wound up with a monochromatic mess. Blech. Maybe I should go back on vacation.

Day 30: Green on green, Avon failure
So, I have this neat eyeshadow/eyeliner combo thing in a pretty springish green that I like, and the shadow always looks really neat when I test it on my hand. And then I put it on my eyelids and guess what? It's not nearly so nice. This picture was taken AS SOON AS I finished putting everything on. The shadow (which is creamy in the tube, put on with a lip gloss style applicator) is already creased and fading and practically gone. Boo. Hiss.

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