Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did you miss me?

That day that I normally post something...
It happened.
Well, the day happened.
The posting didn't.

Of all the things I've got sitting on my list to wow you with, none of them miraculously jumped up and finished writing themselves and got posted by well-meaning blog-faeries.

Some of the things that I didn't tell you about:

My cat's UTI
Why I spilled water down my shirt--on purpose--at least 6 times on Saturday
The fullness of my iPod, why I don't want a new one yet, and how hard it is to choose which songs to sync
Think-type thoughts on baby naming
A photo essay of what chocolates in the box are edible and which should be left to die alone in the break room

If you'd like to hear about any of those things, please, leave a comment.
If you want to hear about something else, please, leave a comment!

1 comment:

Barb said...

Any of the above. Always love reading what your imaginative mind comes up with.

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