Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Hip to be Square

This is not actually a post about Huey Lewis and the News.  Please try to contain your disappointment.

There are several technological type things that are about on the Internet that I haven't incorporated into my universe yet.  I suppose I just can't be bothered to learn a new thing, or I don't fully understand the purpose, utility or benefits of them thoroughly. 

First: RSS feeds and readers.  My husband subscribes to about 472* of them and when I catch a glimpse of his inbox and see 1023 unread messages** parts of me start to twitch.  Now, while I understand that I wouldn't be required to subscribe to that many feeds (and I don't even feel cool enough to use that term), but the thought is still slightly overwhelming.  I don't know that I want Lolcats and CakeWrecks and whatnot filling my inbox.  My inbox is the place where my friends send me notes and my online accounts tell me important stuff.  I don't want to clutter it with other stuff.  I could create separate folders like my husband does, but again I say that smacks of effort.

Secondly, the # tags on Twitter.  I've barely figured out how to shorten links so they don't take up my entire tweet.  While I understand the purpose of the # tag things I don't ever think to use them.  Maybe my tweets don't fit into categories, which isn't to say that they're so original and groundbreaking that they can't be defined or that they defy labels because they're so free and unfettered.  No, I think they're just so very average that I don't know what to tag them as.  Is there a "random stuff no one really needs to know" tag?  Or maybe a "vanity and other useless info" tag?  And if so, do I really want to waste any of my 140 characters on it?  I think not.

Finally, what in the world is Tumblr for?  I will admit to having done absolutely no research into this at all.  I know that some of the web comics I read have them, but that's about the extent of it.  Along the same lines, I have no idea what Digg, Reddit, or Stumbleupon are for aside from some hastily drawn conclusions based on their names. 

Am I missing out on all the greatness that the World Wide Web has to offer?  Am I being passed by as the Internet swirls on about me?  Do you know what these things are, or do, and can you help convince me that I need to add them to my life?  Tell me, oh Internet!  What are the wonders that lie inside these crazy things?  I still have a LiveJournal and I'm on Facebook and Twitter.  Oh yeah, and I have a blog.  I have the sites that I visit frequently on my bookmark toolbar.  I have "favorites."  Am I living in the rotary-phone age of the Internet?  Can I graduate to a cellular phone, or even a smart phone?  I'm not so sure.  I resisted PDAs with every breath as long as I could, and even resisted getting a phone that did more than, you know, call people.  It was only when a friend of my husbands had one he wasn't using that I even got a phone with e-mail and Internet... now I don't want to go back.  If I learn how to use those sites will I forget how to just poke around the Internet aimlessly like I used to?  Do I want that?  Does it matter?

*Perhaps a slight exaggeration
**Actually not an exaggeration at all


Bud said...

StumbleUpon is awesome! Whenever one of the usual sites doesn't offer anything new or interesting, I just click the stumble button and it sends me to a random website based on my interests. Then I can like or dislike the site. StumbleUpon then notes that and adjusts future picks based on that.

LE Bean said...

Ah! So StumbleUpon is like Pandora for Internet instead of music... and we all know how much I love my Pandora...

I might just have to check this out! Thanks Bud!

Jo Welch said...

I just started using Google Reader today. I realized I followed too many blogs to keep track of them with my handy dandy little spreadsheet anymore. Pros: It was super easy to set up and I can categorize my subscriptions (Health, Comics, Politics, People I Actually Care For, Etc.) Also, it doesn't come to my email inbox because, like you, I hate clutter in my inbox. Cons: I have to remember to go to the site.

If you figure out the # tags on Twitter, let me know. I get the # tags and @ so-and-sos messed up regularly.

As for Tumblr, I use it for porn. There are some delicious photo blogs that I follow and I check in regularly to see naughty and not-so-naughty pictures. I'm sure there are other purposes, but I don't know them.

I am, however, glad to know that I'm not the only one confused by all of the wonderful diversions on the World Wide Web!

Love you, sister mine.

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