Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Living like cats and dogs

Reasons my husband thinks I am like the kitties:
  • I like to be petted.
  • I  like to snuggle under the covers.
  • I am well-groomed, sometimes prissy.
  • I want to be where the people I like are.
  • I am sometimes fickle and unpredictable in my desire for attention and affection.
  • My concept of personal space is heavily influenced by where I think I might be most comfortable, even if that happens to be in your personal space.
  • I make happy noises when scritched.
  • Baths are a necessity.
  • So are naps.
  • I am curious, sometimes in a reckless fashion.
  • I can manage some incredibly graceful things, then trip over my own shadow.
  • It's possible that one time I was sitting on the bed, applying lotion to my legs and he happened to walk in while I had one leg straight in the air... I mean, something like that could potentially happen

 Reasons I believe my husband to be like the dog:
  • He torments* the cats** for no discernible reason.
  • He is pleased with simple things like food and moving air.
  • He likes to run around the backyard, though he isn't as interested in chasing the squirrels as the dog is.
  • He twitches in his sleep as though chasing squirrels.
  • He wants to be near me all the time.
  • He prefers to lie down in a belly-to-the-ceiling sprawl.
  • If not brushed properly after a bath, his hair will stand up every-which-way.
  • He keeps me safe and warm.
That is all.

*chases, makes sudden loud and inexplicable noises in their general direction, and pesters them when they clearly just want to lie in an adorable puddle of cuteness.
**also, sometimes me

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