Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simple things that would make my life easier

I'm a simple person most of the time.  A little odd, but nothing so wacky as to be unrecognizable.  Heck, I can't even count the number of times someone has told me "You remind me of my best friend from grade school/high school/pen pal/first girlfriend/only woman I've ever slept with.*"  So anyway, the things I want can't be too unusual, so why hasn't anyone come up with them yet?

a) Advanced paste.  Not like space-age paste for kindergartners.  I mean the cut-and-paste function of computing.  There is a part of my job that requires me to add some specific data to specific fields in a specific program for the specific function of creating a specific document that I then have to edit to fit the specific format that the original program just can't quite manage to put things in.  There are two fields that I have to fill in with the same information all the time, but I can only copy and paste one field at a time, so I have to choose the least obnoxious one to type over and over and over and over again.  I usually choose to keep typing the all numeric one and just past the alpha-numeric one, but there's got to be a better way. Ctrl+V is only getting me so far here.  I want the ability to have ctrl+v paste one, and maybe ctrl+5 (or some other arbitrary number or letter that isn't already used for some other obscure keyboard shortcut that I never use) to paste the other thing I have copied... can someone make something like that happen for me?

2) A sun visor that had more options than just front and side, at least for the passenger.  I want it to swivel both ways, because sometimes what I don't want to look at is the DRIVER of the car.  Maybe the driver is being smug about something or silly and making faces to try to get me to laugh because I'm being ridiculous and holding on to some smidgen of anger over something that he thinks isn't important but at that moment being angry is what I want and I don't want to give into the giggles that he's inciting with his weird looks and "muffin" saying** and stuff.  At times like that, it would be super helpful to be able to put that sun visor thing between us.  So, an extra swivel would be nice.  Also, the sideways extendo-flap is good, but I wouldn't mind a drop-down extendo-flap too.  I'm not driving, so I don't have to see the road, and it wouldn't block too much of the driver's view to get the sunset out of my eyes.  Just a thought.

D) Dangit!  I had a third thing for this list of really useful (to me) things that don't exist but should and I knew it this morning when I was brushing my teeth or maybe when I was chasing the cats around the bed, but now I've forgotten and that makes me sad, but not really sad, more just cranky in a "I want a cookie  but you ate the last one" kind of way.  If I ever remember what brilliant idea it was that if it were invented would make my life easier, smoother, and less full of crank*** I will come back and edit this.  On a side note that's not a footnote, because four * is just more than I can even handle right now: One of the most difficult things about getting my Bachelor of Journalism degree was explaining what I was doing in the AVID studio. "It's a movie and I edited it."  Edited it.  Edited it.  Editedit. Editedit... ededededededitititiititit.  It's just an awkward mouthful of a phrase that makes you sound like you stutter even when you don't and to say it normally makes you sound like a pretentious prig speaking all slow and proper and crap.  Edited it.  meh.

*This told to me by 2 gay men... what can I say, I just have that sort of face?
** I can't say "muffin" and not smile... I just can't.  Sometimes other people saying it will cause giggles too.  I don't know why, it's just like that.
*** as in what is produced when I am cranky, not the drug that has something to do with meth, but I don't know what because I'm too vanilla for drugs that you don't buy at CVS

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