Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Christmas Tree that wasn't

So, I was all jazzed to put up my Christmas tree today.
I got all the Christmas stuff out of the closet in the front bathroom (which of course is the most sensible & logical place to put Christmas stuff). There are boxes of ornaments and many lights and some garlands all in pretty peacock-like colors, and some other colors and some handmade ones, including last year's little sheep ornaments, which make me happy every time I see them.

So, giant pile of Christmas trimmings in the front room, and then a sleepy husband goes to fetch he tree. He comes back in with  box about the right shape, only it turns out to be the porch trees. Which would be fine if another box of the appropriate size existed anywhere in the universe (or our house). But it doesn't. There is no tree. Somehow, when we moved from there to here (a year & a half ago) we misplaced the tree. That happens, right? Things go missing when you move? Inexplicably? No rhyme or reason? Like perhaps all of your left shoes... or maybe right shoes... I don't remember which, but if you ever run into Beylit you can ask her for the real story. It's the main reason why she has to tell me anytime she wears cute shoes now--because after that move she only had one pair of purple flip-flops and some beat up old sneakers. FOR YEARS!

So, it seems that we lost our tree to the whims of moving. Who knows how it happens. In the mean time, I'm going to find a way to trim the living room in lights and hang ornaments and bells from the mantle. And then I shall steal one of the many trees generously offered to us by our friends and family. I will cover it with purple and blue and green stuff like this:

last year's tiny tree: covered in peacock-like birds! 
the wreath I assembled out of stuff I liked


Elsha said...

My mom likes to say that three moves equals a fire in terms of the amount of stuff you lose. Hopefully you get ahold of another tree soon!

Megan Hartman said...

My shoe collection is improving greatly I will have you know. And it was the left ones. All of them. Though I did have a pair of brown Doc boots that also manages to survive the left shoe loss.

We weren't going to do a tree last year and then on the eve before Christmas Eve we got given a free tree. We enjoyed decorating on Christmas Eve so much that we are making it a tradition. Free trees are better because if we didn't take them in then they would have missed out on Christmas all together, and that is just sad.

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