Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I wonder why...

Alright, I figure the only way to get through 30 consecutive days of posting is to a) cut myself some slack on my ideas of how many words/thoughts/pictures it takes to make a "real" post, and 2) to talk about the things that I like.

So, brace yourself for a lot of talk of music, shoes, food, make-up, babies, hair styles, things I bought, and my cats.

Today, I'm going to ramble about fruit, because there's something that's been bugging me for a week or so:

What is so special about grapes and plums? I mean, other than the fact that I love them, and they're purple, which is not WHY I love them, but certainly doesn't hurt.  Perhaps I should ask what's so speciak about raisins & prunes. I mean, you dry apricots and what do you get? Dried apricots! Same thing with mangos, cherries, and all the other fruits that are regularly dried. Why don't they get fancy names?

So, I'm going to work on making fancy names for my dried mango & apricots. Your suggestions are, as always, welcome.

I know that fresh fruit is much better for you, and organic fruit is even better, but my budget and my fridge seem to complain when I try to buy several weeks worth of fresh fruit at a time. Mostly because it will go bad before I can get to it. I mean, I've been keeping about a pound of grapes in the house at all times, because that pretty much always sounds good as a snack. And I would keep bananas around all the time if I could keep them from getting... spotted. For me, bananas are good from about 30 minutes before they lose the last of their green bits until... maybe 4 hours after that. Once spots appear? I'm right out. Then they're too... ripe? soft? Banana-y? I don't know what it is, but I don't like them.  I also don't like anything that is banana or grape flavored, even though I love the fruits. So, you can have all of my banana bread and grape jelly. You're welcome. I mean, artificial flavoring is a totally different thing. Then my list of dislikes widens to include strawberries. Mostly. I mean, aren't the pink Starbursts strawberry flavored? Those are ok. So are red Skittles, which I think are more strawberry than cherry. But even though there are purple Skittles and purple Smarties and purple other things, artificial grape flavoring is ooky. No. Not for me, thanks.

Ok, but I do like stuff. I'm not all anti-these things. I really like mangos, which I didn't know until I was about 25. I can't recall ever having a mango before then, or anything mango flavored, and that's sad, because it turns out mangos are really awesome. A little hard to manage fresh, but totally worth it. Even more worth it if someone will peel and slice it for me. I don't know if I had a favorite fruit before (probably plums), but mangos have taken the number one spot.

So dried mangos totally deserve a fancy name. I just can't think of anything fancy enough.


Jessica said...

Maybe it's a marketing thing? Like, someone a really really long time ago had a bunch of dried grapes and nobody would trade him good stuff for them, so he started calling them "raisins" and said they were some exotic treat?

Elsha said...

I'll totally eat all your banana bread. And your overripe bananas. They get sweeter as they get more ripe, and I like them sweet. Also, I'll be eagerly awaiting your other dried fruit names. You forgot to mention dried cranberries. Is "craisins" a legitimate name for them? Or is that just cheating?

natalie said...

Did you see food lush's post about preserving berries with vinegar? Also, at central market they have bannanas that say eat NOW or eat in 3 days. You could buy 2 that are ready today, and 3 that are ready in a few days. I also make smoothies every morning and will dump over ripe fruit in there. I usually buy just enough fruit for Micah & I have to have 1 piece at lunch. I hate when food goes bad!

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