Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pretty nails with a neat new toy

I'm not sure what prompted me to spurge on this gadget for painting my nails when I hardly ever paint my fingernails to begin with, but I did, so I'm going to tell you all about it. Nobody paid me to do it, I just really like this stuff, and I don't get any money if you decide to buy some. But if you do, send me pictures, because I think it's neat!

 So, these are the tools of this thingy. Konad nail art. There's a little metal disk with some designed etched into it, a stamp like thing & a scraper.
 So, you put some nail polish (they want you to use a special kind, but I've had good luck with all the kinds I've used so far--stuff I already owned--except the quick-dry kind) right on to the metal disk, completely covering the design you want. I picked this rose thing & used black for the squiggles around it. Red for the actual rose, even though it looks pink in the picture... it's totally red.
 Then you use the scrapper to...well, scrape the excess polish off. You're supposed to use it at a 45 degree angle, but I'm certainly not that precise. I just sort of... scrape it off to the side, and then it looks like this:

 Then you roll the stamper over the metal plate & onto your nail.
THAT'S IT! Ta-da! Little nail stamp tattoo whatsits of awesomeness! You can look on YouTube to find a bunch of video tutorials where they do stuff way cooler than what I've figured out so far, but I've been having a blast, and it really is quick. I was worried that stamping my right hand was going to be really hard, but actually, I just hold the stamp in my left hand, and instead of rolling it across my nail, I roll my nail across it and everything turns out just fine. I wear a super-nude-sheer base coat and I should put a top coat on, but have forgotten thus far. The designs seem to last about a week, which is about how long I'd last with a full coat of polish, so over-all, I think it's a win. I'm really excited because I ordered a disc that has french tip stencils on it, and if there is anything that will make this worth it, it's the ability to do a classy looking french manicure quickly and in any color I want!

I haven't tried all of the 7 designs on my little disc thingy, but I've done these so far:

So, come on over, bring your favorite polish color & I'll do your nails!


Jesabes said...

This looks really cool! You should bring it to PJs@TJs.

Swistle said...

Oh, that is SO COOL. Has Erica-All-Dressed-Up seen this yet?

Elsha said...

Pretty snazzy!

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