Friday, November 11, 2011

Lesson learned

This is why you don't try to grab all the shopping bags at once even though you only made a small trip to the store. Inevitably, the ONLY bag that has breakable items in it will be the one to bust wide open and crash to the floor, leaving you sans the plum preserves you were so very looking forward to turning into a PB&J sandwich.

One extra trip to the car would have saved this jar. So sad.

Will I do it again next time? Yeah, probably.

I don't know why that extra trip to the car is such a big deal, but the triumph of doing it all in one trip is pretty addictive. It leaves more time to go pin new recipes on Pinterest, or ponder why they think putting 2 pop-tarts in one package is a good idea if the serving size is only one tart. Seriously... that's just not fair.

Although, in the land of should-be-one-serving-not-two, Marie Calendar's pot pies... which make me happy down to my toes, especially the turkey kind, used to come in one size, and it seemed like that size was a hearty meal for one person. Then you looked at the nutrition information and realized that it was actually 2 servings, and in eating the whole thing had consumed your entire allotment of fat, carbs & calories for the day. Because who splits a pot pie?!? Unless it's a 9" pie pan pot pie, those things are kind of by definition single serving! Anyway, Marie finally took pity on us and made an ACTUAL single serving pie. Still not health food, but better and still just as tasty! Unless you're my husband who doesn't eat pot pie because there's too much crust... can there even be such a thing?

In other, completely unrelated news, I'm getting on the road soon to go down to The Texas Renaissance Festival. First I'm going to pick up 2 tarts... the yellow & orange ones, and we're going to go to Sephora and then have lunch, and then drive a long way. My bags are packed, I'm ready to go! (there's no taxi outside the door--unless you consider my car the taxi, because I am doing the driving this trip... anyway, it's a song people, just go with it!) Also, last night was our first rehearsal with our new stunt tart. So excited! With 2 of the Lace out of commission next season due to being all full of baby, we've recruited a friend to come help us out. It was nice to realize that I actually did learn 130 songs and while I'm still one of the new tarts, I'm not THE NEW tart anymore.

But off to shopping and eating and driving and fun! Bon Voyage!

1 comment:

Elsha said...

Oh, sad broken jar. I do love the single trip in though!

And yes, if it's something you obviously aren't going to share, it should be a single serving. I'm looking at you 20 oz dr pepper!

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