Friday, November 4, 2011

This is what I'm doing on a Friday night...

Friday, November 4 · 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Dunn Brothers
3725 Belt Line Rd.
Addison, TX

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Join us for the autumn edition of Java Jive LIVE! We're back at Dunn Bros. for some caffeinated fun. Get there early to get a tasty beverage (including beer and wine!) and a good seat, since we always fill the house.

For more info, see their Web site: and we'll see you there!

So, I sing with some of my best friends in this little group that's been doing this for... 16, 17 years? I've only been doing it for 4ish, but still. Tonight, we're out of costume and dressed like real people, singing IN DOORS! Climate control! Comfy chairs! Modern music! I'm excited. Coffee house gigs give us a chance to sing more of the stuff that we don't sing when trying not to stay in the neighborhood of a Renaissance-themed event. I mean, we still sing a little bit of it--who can resist singing Stormy Weather in the rain?--but we stick to our more traditional madrigally, folky type stuff.

At a coffee house, we sing all the songs. It's sort of like Lace Favorites.

So, if you're local and feel like drinking (coffee, tea, beer, wine, Izzy sodas, whatever) and listening to some a cappela du-wop, swing, folk & other type music (Beatles, Eagles), join us! Come see me do what I love with people I love.

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Diva said...

And we sing, too!!! :-D

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