Sunday, November 13, 2011

The end of the road

I'm back from our weekend excursion.

Short version? It was good.

The long version will have to wait until I've had a chance to bathe, sleep in my own bed, talk to my husband & pet all my beasts.

Right now, I'm looking down at my feet and realizing that I've walked (heh) right into another pregnancy stereotype/cliche: the swollen feet. My toes look like little sausages. It's not pretty. I feel like it's too early for my feet to be swelling, but perhaps it was 2 days of walking all about in not-the-best shoes.

The story of WHY I was walking in not-the-best shoes is part of the long version, so... you know, a teaser if you will.

So here's us... or at least 3 of us, down at the Texas Renaissance Festival. I'm surrounded by Ethridges!!

So, my swollen feet and I are going to go put some clean socks on & head to bed!

Stories of our mishaps and adventures tomorrow!!


Elsha said...

I'm not a fan of the swollen feet. Each pregnancy at about half way through I have to go up half a shoe size until after I have the baby. I'm definitely there now-- need to get out my bigger shoes.

LEBean said...

well, I officially hit halfway tomorrow, so I guess this is on time. I knew it HAPPENED, but for some reason had it as a late 3rd trimester thing in my head... no such luck! On to drink more water

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